The Home Equity Theft Reporter: BofA Duped Me Into Loan Modification When It Really Wants To Foreclose, Says Texas Woman In Lawsuit

Disabled homeowner facing foreclosure pleads: Where is the heart?. at least get us caught up and current while seeking a loan modification. The sale of our home was set for April 28th, 2010.. I too became disabled 3 months after we purchased our home. Homecomings really worked with us.

The Home Equity Theft Reporter Cases & Articles: 10/01/2012. – Posted by Home Equity Theft Reporter at 12:05 AM 0 comments Links to this post Dodger Hurler ‘Pinch Hits’ For Feds, Wings ‘Brushback’ Pitch At Energy Outfit That allegedly bulldozed wildlife habitat On His 7,000 Acre S. Texas Ranch When Clearing Corridor For Pipeline Construction

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Recent Mortgage Related News – Phillips Law Group, LLC – Insider Says Wells Fargos Independent Foreclosure Review for OCC is a Sham. in with me do not know the difference between a truth in lending statement, and a. The supervisors dont want any troublethey are mostly temps too, just trying to get. to do work on the Independent Foreclosure Review for Wells Fargo Bank.

Scam Artists | – Homeowners with financial difficulties desperately need to find help to keep their homes and are vulnerable to scam artists posing as loan modification specialists, for example. Scam operators blanket television, radio, newspapers, and the internet with advertisements in English and Spanish, and also rely on street flyers, signs, billboards.

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Verizon Wireless ran into the same wall of consumer outrage that Bank of American. Whatever the problems might have been, Verizon says it’s working to prevent them from happening again. "We are.

Foreclosure Wire: 12/12/10 – 12/19/10 – The states of Arizona and Nevada sued Bank of America Corp. on Friday, accusing the largest U.S. bank of routinely misleading consumers about home loan modifications. The two lawsuits, filed by each state attorney general in Arizona and nevada state courts, seek potentially massive fines against the bank and COMPENSATION FOR CUSTOMERS. .

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equity predators – Senate Special Committee on Aging – Testimony submitted by the National Home Equity Mortgage. that she had promised me a loan and I wanted to come up and talk.. So I called my first mortgage lady, and I said, "Margaret, if you. The case is still pending, but at least the foreclosure.. There are two categories of home equity theft.

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