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"Unionizing and collectivizing led to the Magna Carta in England. The entire American resistance to the tyranny of England’s King George, it can be rightfully argued was unionizing," said Dr. Jackson P. Steele Miller, head of the Society for the Demystification and Debunking of the American Myth. "America was always a union effort.

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We Homo sapiens are the only rational/moral "conscious observers" that’ve ever lived on this biosphere Michael; a biblical reality revealed millenia-ago, that’s still referred to in neuroscience as the "hard problem of consciousness" – seeing as though this perennially recalcitrant feature of reality has continued to defy a strict.

observers feel, however, that this large credit balance could be put to of more more in Improvement Production figures contain still striking comparisons. As of October, 1953 the daily average of hard coal production was 120% of the 1938 figures, the monthly output textiles 1250 %, of cement 200% of 1938, 140%, electric power the total index of.

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Labor Ruling Has ‘Religious’ Colleges Shaking .. Manhattan College can’t prohibit adjunct faculty from unionizing because the school’s core purpose isn’t religious enough to trigger a labor law exemption.. Observers say the case could have implications well beyond the picturesque campus at.

The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics students and faculty, and supported by your donations.

Amen The following statement is wrong: "This is what is meant that the offspring of man are born into sin, from the day of our birth. For by the actions of 1 man, Adam, did sin enter into the world so that all of the children of Adam down to even all of us are under this reality.

Though brevity proves to be the soul of obscurity, it seems that the one precept about writing that mathematicians take seriously is that brevity is preferable above everything, even comprehensibility.

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Pennsylvania! I called this state the Key(stone) to Election 2016. The re-election of Pat Toomey was absolutely essential to maintaining Republican control of the United State Senate–and to ensure a hard-stand on enforcement of our immigration laws.

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