They call this a WIN in the War on Xmas? – Musings of a Liberatheist

The War on Halloween has fizzled out the last few years too. The fundie morons have lost the will to stand up and gibber about how Halloween is..well whatever nonsensical idea it is that they claim. The War on The War on Xmas seems to be going the same way. After a while listening to wingnuts babble gets boring.

Christmas, is a child of Palestinian parents desperately fleeing politically ordered genocide.Christmas is a dark-skinned refugee, born amid the smell of damp straw and animal dung, because no human-worthy welcome could be found.Christmas is a poor, itinerant, street preaching Jewish rabbi, living off the generosity of those around him.

On paper, not the worst bet in the world, but don’t forget United have drawn their last two, against Burnley and Leicester, Chelsea couldn’t score at Everton just before Christmas. They’re no.

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They thought they wouldn’t be able to give you the life you. When the body of political aide Sveinung Adeler is removed from an icy Oslo fjord shortly before Christmas, Lena takes charge of the.

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Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly declares the ‘War on Christmas’ over. The pro-Christmas forces has won. You may remember, about 10 years ago, The Factor began spotlighting companies that refused.

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So the next time you hear about the war on Christmas, remember that a lot of the people ranting about the supposed "war on Christmas" actually want to re-establish a very harsh and sterile Puritan view of faith that led to the celebration of Christmas being criminalized in England and in Massachusetts.

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"Since the War on Christmas has basically been won, this is a cleanup operation. But the information is valid.

Posts about musings written by Sandman. So I’ve sat on this topic for a while. I’ve let it stew. Now I believe it’s time to finally talk about the latest Verizon/iPhone rumor.

There’s a war on secularism, not Christmas. the "war on Christmas" is really a means of eroding the separation between church and state, of conflating religious worship and secular Americanism.

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