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At Prodigy Lending Home Loans, we understand how difficult it is to raise funds in order to buy a home in Austin, owing to the soaring prices. That is why we offer multiple home loans at low rates, in order to ensure that you achieve your dreams. We work with the best mortgage and home loan professionals across the country, who works their lungs out in order to ensure that we meet your demands.

Over the 17 years that we have been in the lending scene, we have been able to amass a high level of experience and expertise. That is the reason why we are known for our top-notch home loans and services. Once you choose to walk with us we will listen to what you need to achieve and help you choose a home loan that best suits your interests. Contact us today by dialing our contacts or make use of our interactive tools on the site. 

Conventional Home Loan 

One of the top home loans that we are known for is the conventional home loan. Our conventional loan stands out because it demands a low down payment of 3%while charging reduced private mortgage insurance. In addition, we offer the loan at flexible terms of 30, 20, 15, and 10 years, which gives you the options to choose. As if that is not enough, our conventional home loan attracts low-interest rates and does not demand any lender fees. 

FHA Home Loan 

The FHA home loan is another product that we here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans do offer. Our FHA loan stands out due to the low down payment of 3.5% that it demands. In addition, this home loan attracts low-interest rates which make it one of the most affordable home loans available in the market. To cap it off, our FHA home loan has lenient guidelines which ease the process of qualification as well as provides for rehab loans meant for home improvement. 

VA Home Loan 

In case you have ever served as a veteran in the country, then here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans, we have not left you behind because we do offer the VA home loan. Our VA loan offers 100% financing and does not charge any mortgage insurance to your much delight. In addition, the home loan charges low closing costs as well as attracts low-interest rates, which contributes to your financial health. 

USDA Home Loan 

The USDA home loan is another home loan that we offer here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans. Just like the VA home loan, our USDA loan offers 100% financing and attracts low-interest rates and mortgage insurance cost. In addition, the home loan does not demand any down payment.  

Contact us today to get a taste of these top-notch home loans specifically tailored for you. 




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